Built On Productivity

The Perfect Companion to any ERP or Job Cost System for Uncompromised Productivity

This set of tools is the perfect companion to any ERP or Job Cost system. It allows the user to import and mine key data such as cost, quantity, forecast, resources, attendance, safety, quality, and payroll.

Once the data is imported, it can provide a host of useful tabulations and graphs to easily view various aspects of operations such as: weekly and monthly headcount, labor hours, production rates, productivity, premium time distribution, safety indicators, and quality indicators. The data can be aggregated across an entire enterprise, per region, per program, and per project; it can even break down by individual cost code or a group of cost codes.

The output is placed into well-structured and easy-to-read graphs and spreadsheet reports. Built On Productivity is designed to deliver the exact information you need, in the format you need it in.

Built On Schedule

The Perfect Companion for Your Project Scheduling Software: Stay on Schedule

Built On Schedule utilizes its sophisticated Built On Processing Engine to perform elaborate forensic functions that include advanced schedule calculations, schedule reconstruction, what-if scenarios, and much more. 

Whether your needs are to compare two small schedules or to simultaneously analyze hundreds of schedules for a mega project, Built On Schedule is capable of performing the most in-depth schedule analysis. Built On Schedule's multi-schedule analysis uniquely provides powerful metric trends that help you evaluate any project schedule and the way it is maintained.

Built On Schedule outputs well-structured reports in functional spreadsheet format, as well as a comprehensive set of graphs.

Built On Balance

Identify Problems and Make Adjustments Before They Impact Your Project

This application utilizes the leading project software data (of any size) to render user-configurable Line of Balance (LOB) views without the need to re-input any of the data.

The user can apply accurate, advanced filtering to focus on the specific operations that require special attention without having to redo the schedule or maintain a separate type of schedule.

LOB renders a detailed graphics multi-LOB with a high degree of user customization. The rendered graphics output successfully reduces hundreds of bar chart lines to just a handful of lines on a line graph.

Built On Forecast

Accurately Monitor and Forecast Key Metrics

This award-winning application empowers executives, project controls professionals, and project managers to accurately forecast and monitor key metrics.

ERPs and Job Cost systems can, with limited abilities, provide metrics for job-to-date. Built On Forecast takes forecasting to the next level by utilizing the data from ERP and Job Cost systems to help you project valuable at-completion information with the best possible accuracy. It excels in forecasting a single project as well as analyzing a portfolio of projects.

Built On Forecast’s focus is to deliver the necessary projection metrics of cost, revenue, quantity, labor hours, productivity, equipment and material with unmatched precision.