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Case Studies

Mega Medical Center Labor Analysis

INDUSTRY: Construction/Healthcare/Medical/Hospital


A medical center construction project was experiencing delays and disruptions that severely affected labor productivity. To assess lost productivity and the effects of these interruptions to the project, data from thousands of payroll records needed to be compiled and analyzed.


Built On Productivity automated extensive data analysis, allowing for:

  • Convenient compilation of massive data sources. Thousands of records that would have otherwise been difficult to use were made accessible on a single spreadsheet
  • Detailed, accurate analysis of metrics of choice, such as premium time and productivity features
  • Compatibility with existing programs,improving the time to analyze results
  • Thorough and valuable statistical analysis, such as assessing the percentage of total time taken by premium time over a given period
  • Easy-to-read spreadsheet output, usable for further post-processing


Straightforward Analysis of Complex Data Sets

Built On Productivity allowed the parties to rapidly analyze comprehensive data to shed light on productivity concerns. An extensive set of data was presented in a manageable spreadsheet of metrics. With such presentation, Built On Vision enabled parties to understand and explore project productivity at a level that would not have been possible otherwise.

Identification of Important Trends

Built On Productivity organized data then analyzed it to assist the parties in answering questions and identify trends in productivity that were affecting project outcomes. Specifically, Built On Productivity’s organization of the data highlighted certain points in the project where the percentage of premium time spent on the project spiked drastically. Using the clear time stamps associated with these increases, the parties’ research into the potential causes and loss of productivity became sharpened and effective. This narrowed focus identified external data sources that required further exploration. The solution led the parties from thousands of records on a much more specific trail to answers they were seeking.

Proactive Monitoring of Productivity

In this case, the use of Built On Vision added depth and understanding to the productivity investigation. Going forward, parties understood they could use Built On Productivity to proactively develop metrics by which contractors can measure their own progress and adjust accordingly to avoid problems before they arise.



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