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Case Studies

Labor Productivity Analysis

Industry: Construction/Energy


A multi-billion dollar energy sector construction project was experiencing severe cost overruns. Investigating the causes of the cost overruns required a clear understanding of the various reasons productivity was lost. In order to do so, a significant amount of labor data was needed, but it was not available. The only tangible, uniform source of information available was from the turnstile/gate database massive number of records. The database included employee IDs, companies for which the employees worked, trade, time-in/time-out, and termination flags.


The output the Built On Productivity solution provided clear insights into the productivity concerns of the project and their causes.

Dynamic Data Analysis

Built On Vision merged external data from scheduling, safety, quality, and quantity tracking applications, and provided the parties with a number of ways to analyze wide sets of data. It provided useful output spreadsheets that combined wide sets of data into a single, usable spreadsheet, allowing for further processing, namely, specific and beneficial analyses integrating other variables over an extended period of time.

Give Context to Key Metrics

One practical application of the massive data merge on this project was analyzing safety incidents against weekly craft count and labor hours, among other things. However, without context, the number of incidents, or even the standard incident rate, were not meaningful. With Built On Vision, parties could understand the rate of safety incidents in context, then evaluate safety practices and assess their impacts on productivity.

Simplified Presentation of Complex Data Analysis

Built On Productivity’s versatility as an analysis tool goes beyond how data is compiled and broken down for analysis. The cleaned up and compiled data is expressed as a well-structured Excel spreadsheet which is easy to read, process further, and combine with other variables. Built On Vision empowers users to derive greater value from available data and drive more convenient and useful understanding of productivity.


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