Did you know?

  • Only 2.5% of the companies complete their projects on time and on budget

  • These delays are severe and costly:

    • 1 out of 6 projects experience 70% schedule overrun

    • 200% cost ($167m average) overrun

    • A delay of one day incurs an average overhead cost to contractor and owner of $64,000

  • The two leading scheduling applications are fundamentally deficient


Improve your project scheduling accuracy

Built On Vision enhances your existing Oracle Primavera or Microsoft Project software, allowing you to

  • Rapidly analyze schedules - in any language!

  • Discover scheduling flaws EARLY

  • Compare different project plans to find the most cost-efficient approach

  • Mobile access; update & analyze data from anywhere, in-office or in the field

  • React in real-time to ongoing projects

  • View historic forecasts, to identify and learn from you turning points

  • Get the competitive edge on bidding, using with live data and forecasts

  • Improve your ability to perform on budget

  • ….and much more


BOV in all stages of your project

Phase Pre Construction Construction Project Closure & After
Value Validate your baseline schedule and discover unexpected flaws in logic of baseline schedule

Perform simulations of different project execution plans (i.e. cash flow, time, risk profile)

Discover detailed capital requirements for entire project duration

Insights into how project affects your company
Perform Productivity Analysis as the project is ongoing

Identify changes and potential claims

Opportunity to quantify claims better and thus win more claims

Access forecast session history including pictures, notes, emails

Support claims with live data and forecasts
Analyze project outcome and forecast history for missed changes and impact claims (e.g. out-of-sequence analysis)

Compile accurate detailed productivity data for competitive bidding and future project controls
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What makes us different

Currently Popular Tools What They Do How BOV Improves This
Scheduling SW
Primavera P6
MS Project
• Schedule creation

• Create budgets and forecast budgets

• Capture project data (e.g., tasks, resources, updates)

• Custom reports
• Schedule Analysis: multi schedule comparisons,
out-of-sequence & dangling activities analysis

• Create forecast cash flow, history, and rollup

• Labor productivity analysis

• Cash flow and Earned Value analysis
ERP System
JD Edwards
• Accounting system capable of job costing to various degrees

• Job costs to cost break down structure

• Accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll, equipment
tracking, purchase orders. (Basically a rear view mirror of the job)

• Job costs to cost break down structure

• Export from ERP to Excel for manual manipulation, charts,
and comparison
• Focus on the workflow leading to more accurate numbers

• Forward projection based on past data

• Saves forecast history

• The dashboard provides extensive data - easier than
extraction from ERP

• Ability to analyze the data in various ways on the same screen